> Terms and conditions of business

Terms and conditions of business

1. Rental process overview

  • 1.1 choose equipment online
  • 1.2 specify rental period, deposit method, where necessary
  • 1.3 check equipment availability information and input rental start date in the format specified, where necessary
  • 1.4 add equipment to shopping cart
  • 1.5 continue shopping, or edit your cart or proceed to checkout
  • 1.6 login as registered clients or create a new account
  • 1.7 specify shipping address and choose shipping method
  • 1.8 review your order in details
  • 1.9 check and accept general conditions
  • 1.10 select payment method
  • 1.11 confirm order and you will receive an email confirmation from Kindly please check if the mail is in your rubbish/junk mail folder.
  • 1.12 fill up and send back by post/ email the required document including a photo ID, shipping address proof and the completed credit card authorization form (you could find/ download it in Membership and form section) if you rent from us for the first time
  • 1.13 equipment will be sent out according to the rental period to the specified shipping address, after the payment is successful and all the necessary document has received by us. We may need to call/ email you for further information.
  • 1.14 check carefully and take good care of the rental equipment received
  • 1.15 at the end of the rental period, return the equipment with Postpac Priority + Signature with the ORIGINAL PACKING, as you received it
  • 1.16 after we have received and checked the return equipment, we will release or return the deposit being held

2. Rental period and date of return

  • Example:
  • Rental period: 14 days
  • Rental start date: Mar 1 (you receive the package, must not be on Sat, Sun or Mon)
  • Return date: Mar 15 (before 12pm) with Postpac Priority (A-post) + signature (SI)
  • Postage time: 1-2 days
  • Packages receive by us: Mar 16-17
  • Equipment check and release deposits: Mar 17-18
  • Delay in return will be subjected to additional charges and please book in advance to reserve enough time to clear postage and various issues.

3. Shipping (within Switzerland only)

  • Once we have received your order properly paid and all document that was requested, equipment will be sent by Postpac Priority (A-post) plus signature (SI) in Switzerland only. We do not ship outside Switzerland. Renter pays for shipping costs both ways. (outbound postage will be charged at the time the order is placed). We kindly ask you to check with your local post office about the timing of the parcel delivery during the day, which is quite different between different local post offices and out of our control. We suggest you to make some buffers of time in receiving the package. For fast delivery service, you may want to consider Swiss-Express-Moon or Swiss-Courier-Lightning at or follow this link

4. What do you need to provide?

  • A photo ID (residence permit, passport), shipping address proof and a major credit card with enough line of credit available to hold the deposit/ full replacement value of the equipment you are renting. Once we receive your equipment back and if there are no damages or losses, the security deposit on your card is released.
  • All equipment is inspected, tested and cleaned prior to and after each rental. Any problem with the equipment must be reported immediately to us at If equipment is returned damaged, we will notify you and send it to the manufacturer for an estimate and deduct from the deposit for the repair fee or for the full replacement cost if it can't be fixed.

5. Hold on credit card

  • Most of the rentals require a deposit to secure the return of the equipment. We will not charge your credit card but to hold up a value equal to the deposit amount during the rental period. When the equipment is returned without damage and issue, the credit value being held mentioned above, will be released. Alternatively, you may also choose to deposit the amount in our bank account, and it will be returned to you under the above situation.

6. Membership

  • With the membership, you can rent most of the equipment using member price. If the membership is discontinued due to non-payment, we will charge back the differences in price between normal price and member price of all the previous rentals. The membership will be automatically renewed after 1 year until cancel.

7. Cancellation and return policy

  • You can cancel the order without any charges latest 14 days AFTER it has been placed or a fee between 50%-100% on the amount of order will be charged from 30 days to 14 days BEFORE the start of the rental, e.g. order placed with rental start date within 14 days will be charged 100% and therefore cannot be cancelled. If the equipment ordered and received does not match, or if there is a problem, you can drop us an email specifying the situations with pictures within 1 day and if it cannot be solved, we will refund the rental fees upon received return of the equipment.

8. Equipment damages

  • In case you have damaged the equipment, we will assess the damages and charge the repair costs considering the following scheme (% of deposit amount):
  • Minor scratch/ serious dirt/ lost accessories (10-30%)
  • Major scratch/ minor breaks (30-50%)
  • Broken screen/ sensor damaged/ other damages (water/ fire, etc) (from 50%)
  • An alternative way to determine the damages/ charges is to sell the damaged goods (start price CHF1) on reputable auction sites like or to get the fair recoverable price. (Amount to charge=Deposit amount - recoverable price on market)

9. Shutter count of camera body

  • Depending on different rental periods, the following shutter counts (maximum) will be allowed.
  • Canon/ NikonLeica
    1 day: 500200
    2 days: 700300
    3 days: 1000400
    4 days: 1300500
    5 days: 1500600
    6 days: 1800700
    7 days: 2000800
    10 days: 2500900
    14 days: 30001000
  • Usages over the limit will be charged CHF0.03 each.
  • We use EOS inspector to check shutter count.

10. Terms of service

  • We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.

11. Data protection principles

  • The company needs to keep certain information about its customers and suppliers for financial and commercial reasons and to enable us to monitor performance, to ensure legal compliance and for various purposes. To comply with the law, information must be collected and used fairly, stored safely and not disclosed to any other person unlawfully.